Value Strategy

Value Strategy
Oakview Value employs a disciplined approach that seeks to invest in great businesses at a significant discount to intrinsic value.


We believe earnings and cash flow are the primary drivers of long-term intrinsic value. Through our process, we identify investment opportunities where we believe future earnings growth and cash flow should exceed market expectations and, in turn, support higher stock prices.  We evaluate companies across the market capitalization spectrum and in all economic sectors. Our due diligence includes evaluating downside, base case and upside scenarios in order to develop a risk-adjusted IRR.


Oakview Value typically holds 15 to 20 concentrated long positions that represent companies positioned to compound returns over a longer time horizon, companies undergoing transformational change, and event driven/special situations investments. Cash balances have averaged 30% since inception and are a result of our opportunity set and investment process; cash is never top-down, tactical or used as a risk management tool.