Our Firm

Who We Are
Oakview’s Principals bring extensive research, portfolio management and operational experience to bear on the strategy and management company.  Patrick Malone and Corey Henegar launched the Oakview Value strategy in 2010. Jay Singhania and Joyce Schaer joined Oakview in 2014. Corey, Jay and Joyce worked together previously at Westwood Holdings Group. Corey and Jay were members of an investment team that managed the SMidcap Equity Portfolio for almost a decade, and Joyce led capital raising efforts. Oakview is dedicated to achieving superior investment returns and building a sustainable business where hard work, strong ethics and playing to win will result in continued success.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to compound our capital and our clients’ capital at a superior rate while taking significantly less risk than the market. We seek to accomplish this goal by employing a fundamental value, private equity approach to actively investing in the public equity markets and removing the rigid investment mandates associated with traditional portfolios. We invest only if we find the right opportunities, exercising patience and discipline in committing capital to high-conviction positions. We focus on absolute returns rather than managing to a benchmark.